Pillars for Successful Writing Career – Defined Protocols

Writing is hard!! Really it is?? This is a very tricky question that generally comes in mind when someone is going to start the writing career. I am not a professional writer, but an enthusiastic one with a passion for writing. We all want to be a successful writer, but is it as much difficult as we think? Well, we all have diverse facets for this. For me, it becomes easier when my passion and interest combine to encourage me for writing.

‘Writing requires nothing but your time and dedication.’ For a writer, whether new or an existing one, it is necessary to follow some of the ethics to get a huge success in the career path.  Do not ever forget that in every field or every industry, there are some protocols which need to be followed by every participant. Likewise, writing also has some protocols which are expected to be followed by every player in the field.  Further reading will let you understand the protocols that you should follow for getting the triumph. Writing can make you prosperous if you know these hidden protocols, and follow them correctly.

Following these three protocols will help you to get prosperous from writing:

#1. Assurance!

It generally happens that assurance keeps an even pace with ability.

Samuel Johnson

Rule number 1, suited for everything we perform in our lives but for writing, it is perfectly harmonized. Writing needs creative minds, deep thoughts, and a high determination. Do not get indulged in it unless you actually want to. Do not make writing a profession or an option, instead make it your passion. Nothing wrong in saying that writing can make you prosper but only if you are doing it correctly. Writing is nothing but the collection of deep thoughts. Thoughts cannot be sold, just shared. Hence, move ahead only if you really want to.

Once you are all sure that you want to become the successful writer, move beyond in this wonderful success path with all confidence and enjoy your journey.

#2. Dedication!

There is nothing wrong with dedication and goals, but if you focus on yourself, all the lights fade away and you become a fleeting moment in life.

—  Pete Maravich

Rule number 2, success depends on how actually you are committed to it. Moreover, dedication comes from belief. You want success in your life, get involved into it dedicatedly and achieve the impossible. As quoted earlier, ‘Writing requires nothing but your time and dedication.’ You are writing something, have patience, and relax. Spending some of your quality time on your write-ups will lead you one step ahead towards the achievement. In the current scenario, writing is not difficult as long as you are committed to it. In this big game of writing trends, some players get success in a shorter time, and some get that after waiting so long. This time gap is just because of dedication. Some people are solely dedicated to writing from the beginning, in fact, they start writing because they are dedicated to it, and some do not understand the protocol in the beginning, and hence they miss the chance to get succeed soon!

‘’Grab the opportunity as there is nothing left beyond.

Before stating the last rule, I want to mention the top 3 success mantras, which are applicable for the beginning till the rest of the life, and these are Learning, Learning and Learning! As of now, when know the secret keys of writing, strong determination, deep thinking and creative minds, let’s move further with the key to the success which is Learning!

Learning never ends and I personally believe in it. In any sector, whether you write technical write-ups, children books, or any kind of novel, learning will definitely enhance your writing style.

And you got it right, my last but not the least protocol of writing is learning.

 #3. Learning!

I am not afraid of storms for I am learning how to sail my ship.

Louisa May Alcott

As a writer or an author, you could work for yourself or for other people, all depends on you, but try to acquire new things and expand your knowledge. As we all know that, change is the only constant in today’s scenario, we need to adapt some new skills and writing habits within us so as to meet the expectations of our readers. Now the question arises, where to learn? Learning and acquiring don’t actually need a protocol or a path. You can learn from your past experience, from the atmosphere surrounds your or from any person sitting next to you. So, think about it!

Consequently, as of now we have learned three most important protocols for writing and I believe these would be helpful for getting success I your writing.

Making money from the writing will become somewhat easier when you feel that you are a writer. At the end, I want to conclude the answer of the question that I asked in the beginning; writing is not a harder job as long as we understand it, follow above three protocols and implement it effectively.

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